Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hakama Time

Time till the deadline is short. Thankfully, the hakama, a Japanese lower garment that was popular with Meiji schoolgirls, is pretty simple. It's all rectangles, with the front and back tops pleated to fit. I measured a purchased hakama I had on hand, but a little too late. Here's my first, partial attempt:

I'm not sure how clear the picture is, but the hem is cut on a selvedge, the circumference is too narrow, and the entire thing is so long that it extends above Kozu's breasts. The good thing is that these problems are easy to solve.

I added another panel of cloth to the back portion, and hemmed the hakama by a centimeter. It is nowa better length. It fastens with self-fabric ties that double as waistbands.

I chose the color black to go with the hot pink bolero as a homage to this Schiaparelli outfit.

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