Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Little Sisters

I adore the video game Bioshock. While I am far from the best of gamers and still play on old generation consoles, I do keep track a little bit as to what's being made, and hear about the current generation games from my significant other. From what I heard and saw, Bioshock was all kinds of amazing. I decided I should get some tinies to make into Little Sisters.

Shortly after, Volks USA was having one of its many After Party events, which included some YoSDs which caught my eye. This new pair were known as Kanon and Neon, and I found their molds to be adorable. I had some money saved up, so I put in a lottery application to get the girl type, Kanon. I was so thrilled when I found out I won her, and immediately started to sew.

Choosing a name for her was not as simple as designing and making her dresses. After weeks of indecision, I was eating out and noticed a burgundy calla lily in a vase, and decided that my girl would be known as Calla.

Calla made a very good Little Sister, but in the game there are supposed to be many of them. After a while I started casually looking at sales on DoA to see if there were any tinies I liked that I could afford. In particular I liked the Bambicrony Kumi and the Custom House Uri. Very eventually I found a Kumi I could afford and I bought her.

This doll was the first faceup I did, and it included some bad mishaps, including staining (which can't be seen with a wig on,) and broken resin along her lips (which can only be seen very close up.) I highly recommend that for your first faceup, you go for a stylized look. The faces for Little Sisters aren't terribly detailed or subtle, so the end result turned out very close to what I wanted.

After some thinking and research, I chose the name Nurit for this girl. It's Hebrew for "buttercup," and the Latin name for that flower indicates that it grows in rather watery circumstances.

Here are the pair, with Calla in a knit dress that comes from a Bleuette pattern, and Nurit in a clumsily home dyed dress. Since the clothes of the Little Sisters are not the tidiest, it doesn't bother me at all. The needle guns are also made by me.

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