Saturday, April 14, 2012

La, La, Dalya

In September 2011 my mother and I went to Japan. There were many places we wanted to see, things we wanted to try, and gardens to admire. We decided in advance how to cope with only one of us knowing the language, and how to prevent translation headaches. Of the places we put on our itinerary, Kyoto and Volks' Tenshi no Sato were included.

Due to my strong penchant for giving myself thought exercises I took a look at some of the MSDs available at Sato courtesy of some fan sites, asking myself what doll I would get if the chance presented itself. None of the regular molds caught my fancy, and the MSD sized Tenshi doll really didn't grab my fancy.

Still I played along with myself. If I got a new girl, she would be a sister to Rica and Lilja, as I was bringing them along. Miss Hypothetical would be the middle sister. As there is not much of an age gap between these two sisters, I would prefer it if the new girl served as Lilja's older twin. No matter what Miss Hypothetical's default hair and eyes were, I'd switch them out to coordinate with Rica and Lilja.

At Sato there was much browsing and photo taking, some disappointments and considerable laughs, and shopping to be had. The angel looked much nicer in person that it did in the promotional photos. After much careful deliberation, we got her. 

Once we got back to our room I let out the new girl, dressed her, and plopped a red wig on her head.

A couple of years ago, I bought Lilja a silvery human sized ring that looks like flowers joined together.  It tends to get buried under the avalanche of other rings Lilja wears as bracelets. For the new girl, I took it off of the little sister and put it on her wrist. It was like magic, there was now cohesion between the twins, like I planned it all along.

I named her Dalya in honor of the X Japan album and the Angela Aki song, of which the title of this post is a reference. These two pieces of music are actually spelled "Dahlia," but I'm sticking with the alternate spelling on account of my fondness for the Silent Hill games, and a major villain is named Dahlia.

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