Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh Glorious Day

I have a soft spot for pintucks, especially in white fabric. I would like to blame this on blastmilk and her pretty photo shoots, and Volks, for having so many dolls have default outfits of this kind. As it happens, Yu Wei and Yu Lian look good in white, so I made them some outfits based on Volks designs, but with my own stamp.

The first dress was inspired by a sailor top and bloomer set Volks produced ages ago that I saw on Blastmilk. Since it was photographed as a mini dress, I redesigned it as a slightly longer A-line dress. The collar as shown didn't look to be a proper sailor collar either, but a fusion of peter pan and sailor, which I liked and went with. (It hates lying flat.) I added tucks to the sleeves, blanket stitching along the collar, and joined the sides with buttonhole insertion stitching. The buttons down the front are homemade.

The second outfit is a blend of at least two designs, with the puffed upper sleeve and tucked lower sleeve coming from one place, and the gathered upper front bodice coming from another. I'm not sure where I spotted the gathered insertion. I have long since forgotten what outfits served as the inspiration, as I made these clothes about five years ago.

My favorite shot:

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