Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old Timey Wear

I blame this on St. Trinian's After reading and rereading my edition of the comics, I had it in me to replicate the uniform. I still haven't gotten around to it. I did see one 1907 pattern for a "school apron" that looked a bit like those English school uniform of yore. I looked at it, deduced the components as a pleated A-line dress with embroidered belt and unusual collar, and got started.

As a side note, the collar was not as intimidating as some others who made the dress believed it to be. It's a square with a rectangle cut out in the center front and back.

The dress was made from a fat quarter. After the main body was marked, there wasn't enough left to make the sleeve stripes run down the arm, but plenty of space if they went crosswise. It makes my geeky heart glad as it emulates what Rococo dresses liked to do with stripes.

The collar and belt are made from scraps  of a torn set of pants. I embroidered them with a Pekingese stitch which has the delight of being dead easy but rather complicated looking.

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