Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Red Dress

Interestingly enough, the dress was originally going to be a knock off. Tonner's Agnes Dreary was on the market, and I liked some of the outfits, but I wasn't inclined to buy any. My first tiny was on the way though, and I wanted her to have some clothes waiting for her. I thought the red jumper outfit was cute, and I considered making a knock off. Almost immediately I imagined getting yelled at by doll collectors for doing the less than legal thing. So I took the basic design and ran with it.

The eyecatch of the outfit is the red A-line trimmed in black. I stuck with that, but added sleeves and a collar. The black trim would be moved upwards, and consist of machine stitching. Patterning was simple. I modified the Undead Threads YoSD shirt into a dress and called it a day. Then I realized that there wasn't enough allowance for both front hems and closures. I took some black bias tape, added snaps, and stitched it down the front. The end result is:

The first time I took Calla out to a doll meet in this dress, I got many compliments.

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