Sunday, August 26, 2012

Steamy clothing

Recently, I participated in a steampunk swap. I'm not too experienced with steampunk costuming, so I figured it would be a nice challenge, especially since I don't care for gears and goggles. They have their place, but I think it's more interesting to have an outfit without those visual shorthands. As it turns out, the doll I was assigned to likes his clothes on the simple side, with a taste for trousers, waistcoats, and stripes.

The materials came from my stash, with the shirt coming from a human sized shirt that became too small in the chest for me. This was made with rectangular construction. The vest front is made from trouser scraps, and the back is from a striped pillowcase that became a mockup for a defunct assassin's hood project. The trousers is form a pinstripe printed fabric that I bought years ago, thinking to make a suit skirt, but never got around to.

As a bonus, I decided to crochet a Doctor Who inspired scarf. Alas, it was my undoing. I got it to a respectable length, though not of Fourth Doctor proportions, but between that crochet project and another one, I got a repetitive strain injury in my forearm.

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