Friday, October 26, 2012

With apologies to Demode...

The outfit here was inspired my the skirt of this ensemble. As it so happens, the pattern for the skirt comes from a book in have, so I went to Patterns of Fashion and copied the elaborate gathered front, which I mounted to a plain back for stability. Instead of trying to create the elaborate folded trim in 1:4 scale, I went for box pleats.

The top was inspired by the pattern of this outfit. Largely, I wanted an overskirt that was huge and poofy enough to be its own bustle. This turned out to be just as well, as the skirt was too narrow for the bustle petticoat to fit. To match the skirt, the top also has a pleated trim.

Annoyingly, the skirt front isn't too visible when Anthea's standing, but as she sits most of the time, you get to see the details. 

More pictures below.

 This picture bleaches Anthea, but you get to see another color to the ensemble.

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