Friday, November 9, 2012

Ten People, Ten Colors

This is the other outfit I made for my Dark Circus swap partner. Alas, she did not care for the dress.

For this outfit, she wanted a long dress topped with a corset. Once again, I used the spider print, and instead of bands of white fabric as she shown in a sketch, I used some lace I had on hand. For the top of the dress, I used a very simple pattern with built in sleeves. I then realized I miscalculated and made the sleeves too narrow for the arms, so I pieced in material to the shoulders. the vast majority of the dress is hand stitched, and the raw edges overcast with a buttonhole stitch.

The corset too is mostly hand sewn. instead of boning, as resin dolls don't squish, I used pintucks in contrasting fabric to simulate boning. For the lacing, I used thread bars.

The headdress is made from a bangle clipped to be a headband, and beads glued on.
Though she liked the corset, she thought the bodice should have been lined, and the edges machine finished rather than by hand, and that all the raw edges should be concealed.Using felled or French seams would have eaten up too much seam allowance, and lining on this scale would have been too bulky for my liking. She also didn't care for the handsewn portion of the trousers of the other outfit. I am a firm believer that some things are best hand stitched, where I have more control, than trusted to a sometimes mercurial machine.

The back of the bodice is also apparently uneven, which I find credible, and something I would easily miss, as details like that don't bug me.

As the title says, some people have different tastes.

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