Friday, November 23, 2012

Cultural Fusion

This is a variant on my idea of shalwar kameez lolita. As far as I can tell, no kameez is ever made as a wrap front, but the top was already there from an abandoned project, and I made use of it. The sleeves are built in, and there are ribbons that ties in the back. I used two layers of lace at the neckline to add a sense of richness.

The shalwar are basic sloper pants with pintucks and lace to add to the fluffy theme, and the dupatta is made from several lengths of insertion and edging lace whip stitched together.
 Here is a detail of the shalwar. I like the look of the lace peeking out from the pintucks.
 And a view of the bow in the back, a better look at the dupatta:

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