Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And Now for Something a Little Different

Even thought it has a bad name and reputation, I still have a soft spot for lolita clothing. What really draws me to it is the levels of creativity involved. The designs and coordinating can be really amazing, but the snobbery and infighting amongst English speaking lolitas can be headache inducing. When discussing the style with people not familiar with the aesthetic, I refer to it as "fluffy."

Back in the summer of my junior year in undergrad, I bought an adorable white fabric printed with red bows. I don't remember when, but I wanted to make a lolita outfit in a shalwar kameez style. Me being me, it was rather a long time before I got around to it.

The top is an A line knee length dress with a square neckline and pin tucks along the sleeves and hem. The bottoms are drawstring and also pin tucked. Finishing the outfit is some lace trim and wider lace serving as the dupatta that I dyed to stand out better from the fabric. Even though I made some silly mistakes with it, (such as some wrong sides showing,) I'm rather pleased with it. It now resides as part of Lilja's wardrobe.

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