Sunday, December 18, 2011

In the beginning

This is my first girl and first love, Yu Wei, shortly after she emerged from her box. In this photo she is modeling one of the first bjd garments I made. Since I had no doll to work from while she was in transit, I found some measurements online and made a few things so that she wouldn't be naked. This blue thing is a T-tunic with sleeves made from rectangles and gussets rather than being set in. The neckline is trimmed with a chain of crochet made from some scrap yarn I had lying around. the tunic was made intentionally big, so that there would be at least one thing that could cover her up while I made better things.

In this picture she shows off another early dress that I made in the Regency style and trimmed with yet more crochet. Whenever I can, I make my own trim and embellishment, since I consider it fun (as long as I don't go overboard) and is cheaper than constant trips to the store.

Yu Wei is a Dream of Doll Twing-key in the old girl's body. Her name is Chinese for "Jade Rose," and is inspired by the Korean folktale "Rose and Lotus."

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