Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here is some things I whipped up this week, for an Italian Renaissance outfit. It's a complicated affair, as I want the clothes to be somewhat accurate, which means a lot of layers and handwork. This week I deviated from the garments to make some simpler bits. By this I mean I went into a research tizzy upon realizing that there are some common accessories in the portraits that I didn't have planned for the outfit, and was that all right?

The first issue was headgear, as many of the ladies have a tiara of pearls circling their heads. It felt a bit plain to just leave the head bare, and none of the other head gear appealed to me. Eventually I found this thread on Den of Angels, unearthed some old jewelry I hadn't worn in years, and banged out those two headbands.

Then a few days later came the tizzy of "What about the girdles? They show up a lot too." Some paintings show women without, but not enough to make me feel any better. Eventually I remembered that I do have a lot of pretty pearl beads, and maybe some other girdle making materials around. The ribbon I found didn't want to be strung, so I used a silk beading cord, some golden beads, a clasp and a lot of pearls and came up with the above. How do they look?

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