Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rococo Robe

Or, my fondness for lovely things strikes again.

What you see here is Linnea sporting a robe a la turque. It's not something costumers do terribly often, and I wanted one for myself. I figured I should make one on a smaller scale as practice first. Linnea's design scheme is very close to what I want for myself, the main difference is that mine will have black and white stripes instead of plaid.

On her head is a cap known as a barbe. By the time the Turque emerged on the style scene, this hat wasn't so posh, but I think it's pretty, so I went with it. It stays on her head with the help of a straight pin.

Here she demonstrates an alternate way of wearing your fine gowns. If you pull the ends through the skirt's pocket slits, you look fluffy and keep you clothes clear from the mud.

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