Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Personal Favorite

On account of Frederica's love of looking serious and grown-up, I set out to make her a variety of suits and old fashioned wear. My first trip was unsurprisingly to a Bleuette pattern site where I combed the pages, looking for designs that had what I was looking for. This was one of my first creations.

The jacket was what really caught my eye. With side front and side back seams, it looked like an ideal candidate for piping. Even better was that I had the perfect fabric on hand in the form of a fat quarter with brightly colored Asian toys on a black background. my stash of plain black fabric would serve as the main body of the jacket and the fat quarter would serve as jacket accents and the dress. All I needed to buy was piping.

By contrast, the dress underneath was unremarkable. Instead of copying and redrafting the pattern to fit a larger size like I did for the jacket, I pulled out a pattern I already had. It's essentially a sleeveless, A-line hip length bodice with a pleated skirt.

Incidentally, this was my first time working with piping. I used my zipper foot like my machine manual said, but it did not sit as closely to the seam as I'd like. Fortunately few people are as picky as me or likely to look at it that close up.

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