Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Geekdoms Collide

Of the video games I have a soft spot for, the Assassin's Creed series is one of them, especially from AC2 and onward. After Kozu made her arrival, first things I made for her was an outfit from Florence circa 1490.* This involved lurking the Festive Attyre and Realm of Venus pages staring at paintings and what other costumers did. I draped the bodice portion of the dress on Kozu, used calculations to pattern the camica (undershirt,) and the ginorea was made out of trapezoids and blind guessing as I couldn't figure the layout. The sleeves were drafted by me, and made reversible for multiple looks.

Since I was away from my machine at the time, the camica is entirely hand sewn the old fashioned way. I hemmed the parts individually and whipped them together. The same was done for the bodice of the gown. The long interior seams of the skirt was done by machine, but hemmed by hand and cartridge pleated. By my sewing math, the pleats ended up being spaced at .3 centimeters apart, which was a pain to mark. The ginorea binding and interior seams on the sleeves are also machine done.

As a final touch, I bought and styled a wig to match the side waves of the ladies in the paintings. Annoyingly, the wig I ordered was supposed to be "honey blond" and arrived closer to "platinum." Oh well. At least Kozu doesn't seem to mind.

Here are the pictures of Kozu resembling an AC2 background character. . Please ignore the hanging threads.

*At the time, I thought the game started in that year, and looked at paintings from that time. A great many moons later, I found out that the game starts in 1480. Sigh. On the bright side, there wasn't that much difference between the two years.

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