Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First layer accomplished

There is a running gag amongst the online costuming community about Costume ADD. I am no exception. Dolls can make this worse, as even tiny scraps can be turned into something for them, and they don't need an excuse to dress up. Then there's my fondness for historical clothing which covers many eras, and a plethora of pretty pictures for inspiration. I have a lot of projects that have yet to be completed.

One of my many grand plans is to create a doublet style overgown for Kozu, complete with kirtle, forepart, ruffs, and other things to make her look like a late Italian Renaissance noble. She will have multiple foreparts (something to peek through the split skirt of her gown,) and doublets which will be hand decorated with couched cord.

I started this project over a year ago, and I keep getting distracted. The doublets still aren't complete, and I decided to focus on one for now and worry about the rest later. The kirtle (underdress) isn't a very fun looking layer and I could not get excited about putting the bodice together. As it wasn't going to peek at all from under the outfit, I made it in plain muslin. Months and months pass before I finally hem the blasted thing, which must be done by hand due to all the tricky curves.

The skirt portion thankfully went by a lot faster. I took the farthingale pattern from The Tudor Tailor, stitched it together, fastened it to the bodice, and then added rows of cording to stiffen the hem. I'm not very sure how accurate stiff skirts are for this time and place, but I decided I liked the look. Tucking cords into the skirt isn't period either, but it was easy and got the job gone.

And now I have something to show:

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