Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nurit's Skivvies

Nurit is almost, but not quite, Calla's size. This is not enough for me to justify making clothes that fit only her, but Yo sized things might end up swimming on her. My solution was to make her bulky underwear, courtesy of The Bleu Door.

I'm not showing layer one in all its glory as I'm a bit embarrassed about it. It's an undershirt and shorts joined into one that I thought I adapted to her size, but it was too short, making the shoulder straps dig into her joints, forcing her arms out of its sockets. I put up with it for a while, but I ended up taking it apart and letting out the shoulder and crotch seams. It fits her now, but the straps look longer than I'd like.

Here's the original embroidered leaf I did for it:

Some time later, saw a simple slip pattern with adorable embroidery and I came to the conclusion that the dresses and such were still a bit too big, and she could do with another layer. While I was at it, I would decorate the first layer to be prettier and coordinate with the slip:

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