Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Transformation

At my first Dolpa, I brought my mom along, as she is a bit of a second hand collector (I collect, she enjoys them through me.) At the party, she made very sure to get an FCS girl, and discussed with me what sort of mold, hair, etc. to get. I was a bit surprised after the Dolpa to find out that she intended for me to have the girl, and once again, she would be enjoyed second hand.

I called her Lilja, and tried to figure out what persona she would have. I figured that she should wear lots of jewelry and favor offbeat colors and styles. This did not really work out in execution, leaving me with a girl I didn't know what to make of.

Time went by, and I ended up purchasing a Volks lucky bag of MSD wigs. Included was a copper wig of braided pigtails that I plopped on Lilja that was rather becoming on her. I let it stay on.

A long while after that, I had a dream that featured a doll that was missing parts of three of her limbs. In the dream I could not figure out which part was the intact one. A couple of days later, I decided to recreate the dream doll, but bjds aren't cheap, and that one was tanned, meaning I would have a lot of saving ahead. Then I remembered that I had a girl who was not set in a particular back story or persona. Some prop purchasing and quick modification later, Lilja looked like this.

I was pleased with her homemade prosthetics, but they barely functioned as decorative, let alone functional. The hook hand would not stay put,the wrist joint always flopped over it. Meanwhile, the fake foot just flopped around and was inadequate for standing upon. After a lot more careful thinking and research, I painted over her foot to make it look like a prosthetic, but it didn't look right and I wiped it down. I then drew scars on her left hand, reattached it, and put some scars on her shin and left knee. Much easier to work with, and she feels complete to me.

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